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Why Size Doesn’t Matter (At Least on Social Media)

Why Size Doesn’t Matter (At Least on Social Media)

Once upon a time, I worked with a business who raved about their sizeable 22,000 Facebook fans they’d won over before I came on board. I thought, “Great! They must be doing something right.” Right? Wrong!

When I looked into the demographics of their followers (anyone can do this through Facebook’s Insights) I found that around 11,000 of their followers were located in Australia. The rest were in a number of other countries. Not an issue for some businesses, but this business only operated within 2 States in Australia. While 22,000 likes looked impressive the reality was less than half of these were relevant — oops!

The moral of the story…

Your number of followers is trivial. Why? Because it is more than likely that not all of them are your potential customers. People outside of your business’ target audience may have been drawn to your page by a competition you were running (with little interest in what your business offers besides a prize) or perhaps by a poorly targeted Facebook ad. The only way of knowing if your time and money is being well spent on social media is to stop placing too much importance on your number of followers and, instead, start watching your engagement metrics and website analytics.

What are engagement metrics?

‘Engagement’ occurs when a user takes an action on your social media page or content (i.e. clicks, likes, comments, shares, retweets). If you’re engagement levels are low you NEED to reassess your content. Your posts may not be well aligned with your audience’s needs and wants or, in the case of the above business, you’ve somehow managed to attract a significant number of people who are not your audience at all. If you’re attracting the right audiences to your page AND you’re nailing your content, followers will naturally want to engage with your brand.

Why bother with website analytics?

Are your social media blood sweat and tears creating enough interest that people are being compelled to check out your website, get in contact, or better yet make a purchase? Unless you’re tracking this information, how are you to know if your valuable time and money spent on social media is paying off? Short answer, you don’t. Website analytics monitor a number of things including the source of traffic through to your website from places like (yup, you guessed it!) social media. If you are (or begin) tracking this data and find there is low traffic from social media to your website you may need to incorporate more calls to action like, “Click here to find out more – [link to website]”.

Some helpful FREE monitoring tools…

Facebook: Facebook Insights via your business page

Twitter: Tweet Reach

Instagram: Iconosquare (previously called Statigram)

Website Analytics: Google Analytics (requires some code for tracking purposes to be installed into your website… this may sound tricky but it’s really as simple as copy and paste)

If “analytics” and “metrics” is all a bit too much for you why not get the help of one of our Social Media Strategists? Click here to have a chat!

Laura Choong

Self confessed Nutella and Social Media Addict, Laura coupled a background in Marketing with her experience in business to establish The Brand Plan in 2013—A boutique Digital Marketing agency with a passion for helping other small businesses achieve success.

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