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Success Stories

Here’s how we’ve helped businesses just like yours…

We’re quite picky about the clients we choose to work with…

… and for good reason; we only want to work with businesses we truly believe we can help achieve results that grow their business. Does it sound silly that we’d turn away people willing to pay us? Not when we end up with results like these and happy clients who help our business grow in return.

Healthstream QUT

Services Provided: Social Media Management + Social Media Advertising (2014)

“Within 3 months, The Brand Plan increased our number of leads coming through from social media by 900%. If that wasn’t enough, they also had our members producing content for us! The Brand Plan are a team of social media gurus who really know their stuff.”

Andrew Riches – Healthstream QUT

Before The Brand Plan

Healthstream QUT they were bringing in an average of 15 leads each month from a ‘Free Trial’ offer campaign, converting around 10% of these. Over 9 months this would have generated around $8,190 in revenue from new memberships directly from social media (with a customer lifetime value of $585).

With The Brand Plan

Our team helped Healthstream QUT run two different ‘Free Trial’ offer campaigns online, driving extra traffic using Facebook advertising. One of these campaigns converted 25% of leads and the other, 10% of leads. Over the 9 months, both of these campaigns generated around $93,105 in revenue from new memberships directly from social media (with a customer lifetime value of $585).

That’s an additional $84,825 in revenue from social media and approximately a 280% return on their total investment.

Arajilla Retreat

Services Provided: Social Media Management + Social Media Advertising (commenced in 2015 and ongoing)

“Whereas before The Brand Plan’s engagement, we were left wondering from where future business was coming, we have noticed a surge in business since handing our social media over to The Brand Plan.”

Bill Shead – Arajilla Retreat

Before The Brand Plan

With festival season holidays, December has always been the easiest time to fill rooms at Arajilla. Where the family-run business needed help was filling up the quieter months before this. In 2014, occupancy for October and November were 44.9% and 45.8% respectively.

With The Brand Plan

In 2015, Arajilla’s occupancy for October increased to 71.8% (up 60%) and November increased to 64.7% (up 41%). With an average spend of around $3,500 per booking, these increases in occupancy rates led to over $19,000 in additional revenue and a 75% return on total investment (taking into account just two months worth of bookings).

Beach Fit & Wellbeing

Services Provided: Social Media Advertising (commenced in 2016 and ongoing)

“Working with the brand plan has helped to elevate my business, we’ve even added a new location thanks to the success we’ve had with The Brand Plans marketing. Laura has taken all the stress of advertising, targeting and adjusting adverts away, so I can focus on doing what I know best, and my lead cost has dropped dramatically.”

With The Brand Plan

Tanya wanted to increase sign ups for her 8 week Beachfit and Wellbeing fitness programs coming to us to ensure she was spending her money wisely on social media advertising. Over 3 campaigns for 3 different program intakes, Tanya invested a little over $2,100 in advertising spend on Facebook and Instagram over a 6 week period. With The Brand Plan’s strategic approach, this resulted in over $12,800 in revenue and a return on their total investment of over 466%.

More happiness from our clients…

“I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with my Facebook ads. I didn't know how to interpret the data and was just throwing my money away. Laura gave me excellent insights and tips and has showed me how to really make the most of Facebook for my business.”

Uldouz Van Eenoo - The Mothers Den

“The Brand Plan provided us with really valuable insight into our business we hadn't thought of before! They have a fresh perspective that combines conversational and creative posts that build your brand into a leader. We increased followers, visitors to our website and conversions.”

Zoe Gordon - Byron Bay Gifts

“The Brand Plan team has a deep insight into the confusing and challenging social media world. She discovered very quickly how to enhance everything we are doing to gain the best results for Byron and Beyond Networking.”

Rosemarie Toynbee - Byron & Beyond Networking

“Without The Brand Plan’s advice I would still be 'flying blind' in the social media world! She is knowledgeable, understanding and mindful of your particular industry. Could not recommended The Brand Plan enough.”

Lauren Payton - Ireland Blue Design Co

“If you are looking for the best and latest advice on using social media for your business, The Brand Plan is the way to go! The personalised ideas about generating content and connecting with YOUR customers is brilliant!”

Melissa Shenton - Kamda Constructions

“I immediately saw a jump in the number of likes and comments my business' Facebook page was receiving with The Brand Plan’s posts. It wasn't long before enquires for my products were also on the rise!”

Alison Harvey - Sweet Fix

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